In the midst of the immense change I’ve been experiencing in rapid succession in this new collegiate chapter of my life, I have forgotten just how sentimental a person I am.

There I was, walking meditatively throughout the beautiful campus of Caltech, where my aunty works, and although before me spread a familiar tree-lined path devoid of people, I could still see my seven-year-old-self with my two Taiwanese cousins running around together beneath the sifting shadows of the trees. Retracing the footsteps I had taken so many times, so many years ago with those I loved so much, it seems as if my present surroundings take on a certain golden glow of precious antiquity. Such a precious place that had been the setting for the making of so many wonderful memories becomes an almost holy ground of one’s own spirit, where everything seems just a little more magical than they would have been in an everyday context.

In this manner I walked the streets of Pasadena, making new memories all the while as I pondered in bittersweet recollections. I guess this is how one’s entire life seems in old age, if one’s life is lived to the fullest. Luckily, I’m still young. Although many of these sweet memories sadden me because of their expiration, I am so thankful to have such a place to revisit and feel what I had felt before, and have the chance to make new memories that will incite these very romantic, loving feelings in the future.

With this sentimental post, I wish you all a Happy New Year. Make sure to remember and love your past as you embark on your future this new year.


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