Now that my first semester at UH has come to an end, I have had the wonderful opportunity of actually reading my own books once again. As you can probably tell from my most recent blog post, I really like to learn. So everything I was learning throughout the semester interested me greatly. But I’m also a book-lover, and have been deprived from my beloved novels for too long. So to pay homage to my euphoric winter break filled with the written word, I’ve decided to highlight one of my favorite quotes from the book I’m currently reading: Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale.

I may be dead wrong, but I do believe that every act has significance, and that, in our time, all the ceasless thunder is not for nothing. (pg. 346)

I really love this book. Not only is the prose beautiful, but the way Helprin portrays the city and life in general makes the world’s very horrible and obvious imperfections seem like part of the inevitably diverse mosaic of a worldly masterpiece. He portrays both beauty and torment in a way that is holisticly romantic and reminds me of the preciousness of life, regardless of its flaws.


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