Although I normally find myself writing free verse poems– I find that the lack of structure gives you more freedom to express yourself– my eccentric yet nonetheless interesting English class focuses almost completely on song lyrics, and therefore sort of got me into writing a more structured, song-like poem myself. Here’s a little something I wrote when I heard a song that reminded me of my high school life that now seems so long ago…

Reverberating Heartstrings

Sound danced upon the once still water,

Creating reverberating lines

Of trembling light.


I could see the music as it started over,

Notes strummed on a guitar,

Fingers taking flight.


The bittersweet sounds in the air hovered,

Reverberating heartstrings

Echoing into the night.


Memories in my mind’s eye were muttered,

The past left vibrant,

The future looking bright.


Who knew the past would so soon be covered

By the sands of time;

Solemnly taking flight?


The past left me moving ever farther,

Pursuing present dreams

Of greater height.


But he played the music of a life no longer,

Strumming tightened heartstrings

No longer in sight.


Now I see the sounds dance upon the water,

Strumming abandoned heartstrings

Brought back to light.


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