I’m going to be honest with you; I wrote this while I was on the trip and it somehow was never published 😉

Well, I’ve gotta say, as amazing as the pyramids were (and they were utterly impressive) I have a soft spot for Greece. After all, I spent pretty much my entire childhood reading Greek myths and pretending I was a demigod (if you’d like to know, Poseidon was my parental choice).

Seeing these ruins right in front of me, feeling the ancient marble beneath my shoes and taking in the entire view of the great Acropolis, I felt like I’d been pulled back in time, back to the stories of Athena’s strange birth from the head of Zeus, and her claiming Athens as her own with the Olive tree. It made me truly feel the immense age and rich culture that had passed over the very land on which I stood, and on which so many have stood before me. There was a magic to it all, and unlike in Egypt, we were undisturbed by hustlers the entire time (you don’t know how many people in Egypt told us they didn’t want any money for our time; they all wanted to be our good friends). Instead, we were able to truly experience the great structures for ourselves, letting the many crowds of tourists drop away and leave only us in the great presence of the very face of ancient Greece. It was beautiful.


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