Throughout our lives, we’ve heard of the ancient pyramids and the sphinx of Egypt. But I couldn’t believe it was the real thing when I saw it. They were all massive, each block alone weighing more than two tons! And for what– the immortalization of a pharoah. Indeed, there seems to be a pattern in history, spanning from the Taj Mahal to the Great Pyramids: there is always the tendency to create great things for individual, important people and the powerful motive that is faith. These ancient people had so much faith in there being an afterlife for their mummified pharoah, and were convinced of his godliness regardless of cruelity or any other imperfect human characteristics he had shown them. In one sense, the sight of these ancient structures is miraculous, in another it is utterly disturbing. Yet seeing it in yet a different light, it is maybe not living proof, but it’s surely immortalized proof, of mankind’s potential for a faith that is strong a pure. This of course is a danger in a sense of blind faith, but it is also reassuring that we have the capacity of taking the leap, despite opposing forces.

Whatever you take from this, seeing these ancient structures was amazing.


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