The country of Burkina Faso is where the majority of our Blazing Tube projects are distributed. They’ve been sold at subsidized prices to many families in the city, as well as to UN refugee camps in the country. We got to go out in the field, well, actually to the bush (pronounced boosh in Africa), experiencing the immensely bumpy roads and the beating sun. In fact I almost fainted in one of the villages. It’s certainly not something I’m proud of, but being out in the sun so long must’ve really affected me without my being conscious of it.

Regardless, Burkina Faso is the African country I’m most familiar with, and it’s so nice to meet the people that are using the solar cookers and give out candy to the little children peeking at us full of curiousity. We even met a man from Brussels who spends much of his time in the country, helping out at a school for very poor children and feeding them with the help of our solar cookers. His perserverance to help people, even at the expense of his own comfort, really inspired us to do more with our efforts.


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