Yes, we saw the Taj Mahal…the Taj Mahal. I know, it’s only one of the most iconic historic mausoleums in the world, made completely of white marble. It was pretty intense, with walls of white marble encrusted with semi-precious stones like jasper, agate, and malachite, as well as coral and mother of pearl. Just one stone inlaid flower about an inch and a half in diameter consisted of sixty four individual pieces of stone. All as a symbol of love. Beautiful.

But terrible. It had taken about twenty years to build, with more than a thousand elephants required to bring up the giant marble slabs needed for its creation. Yes, the grand building had been built for the rememberence of great love, and has since become a symbol of this as well as the history of Indian culture. But to think of where it came from, how a man so greedy to have spent fortunes on this dream’s manifestation had to be thrown into a sort of prison by his own son in order to be prevented from building yet another on the other side of the river. History is beautiful but crazy. And so was the creation of this great monument. Nonetheless, it was a great site to see, if only to take in both its breathtaking beauty as well as to remind ourselves of the two sided nature of all of history’s greatest architectural achievements.



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