Sorry, this post is a bit late considering that we’ve passed through four countries within the last two weeks. We left Taiwan on July 15th, and when we landed in Hong Kong we had gone to the visa office to get visas on arrival for China. We decided to do this at the airport instead of getting our visas back in the US because we did our research and had been reassured that they were available on arrival. But two things happened. First of all, I was not allowed to get a visa, since only two months ago a new law had gone into effect that stated that all passports issued after 2015 must get their China visa from the US. And if this wasn’t bad enough, my mom was also refused for an even worse reason: because she was born in Taiwan. Yes ladies and gentlemen, in the year of 2017, a modern era that supposedly values freedom and condemns descrimination, my mom was refused a China visa due to her origins at birth from an opponent country. Not to mention that she’s now a US citizen. So long story short, we had two extra days in Hong Kong that we did not expect. It’s been an exciting adventure so far, I would say. Lets see how the rest goes.


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