I had a writing assignment for my AP English class this past year that really sparked my interest and proved to me just how much of an English nerd I am. We were to write an entire story with only 55 words. Trust me, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. Here’s a few that I came up with.

Insanely Blindsided 

“Why don’t your parents approve of me?”

“I don’t know; since we’ve met, they’ve just looked at me like I’m crazy or something.”

“They don’t understand that what we have is special.”

“They’re jealous they’ve never felt this way before.”

“She started hearing voices five months ago.”

“Don’t worry; she’ll be in good hands.”

Meaningless Months

April and May left with chaos in their wakes. I had hoped that they’d bring about some kind of change in my life, some sort of self-transforming experience that would make me see the world differently. But alas, my life sustained its meaningless monotony.

Until June came. I married her and lived happily ever after.


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