(I apologize for the seemingly irrelevant image set for this post; as I take all the pictures on my blog, I didn’t feel that compelled to take a picture of a pickle just for the occasion)

It’s true; we’re all in a bit of a pickle. Our beautiful Earth is in jeapardy of destruction by a force called Man, yet the little effort taken by individuals is crumbling as those who don’t believe in saving our planet perpetuate its demise. I admit, I do not like taking sides in politics. Especially in the realm of family gatherings, it is a sure path to destruction. In fact, holding blindly strong opinions in any case, especially with politics, is against my nature, as I tend to believe that it is important to see both sides of a situation versus joining forces with one side to contribute to the groupthink and therefore eventually lead the group to greater extremes of opinion and inevitable action. It is not wise to take sides blindly, and it is even worse to polarize group differences through the blind following of a group whose ideals may not really be completely ideal themselves. 

But I must take a stand in certain instances that are certainly unjust. Say, for instance, a certain president’s decision to pull out of an international agreement to help not only the survival of our species but the survival of all mother nature. Well, actually, when you really think about it, the Earth won’t die because of what we’ve done to Her. The planet has undergone much harsher climate changes in its natural cycles throughout its lifetime. But, without joining efforts to stop climate change, innocent lives of our species and many others will be sacrificed. And for what? More convenient living? A spoiled lifestyle? I guess I am beginning to sound a bit more opinionated than I intended, and I am sorry for that. I mean no offense, as everyone has their reasons, their excuses. But, how can we feel compelled to help people in need, feel sympathy for an individual picture of a poverty-stricken child, while turning our heads from clear indications–facts, actually–that state that such a fate, if not a worse one, may befall our entire human family if we don’t act now? We must all work together on this, yet we are moving backwards. Somehow, we must all join forces to stop the downward spiral of our planet before it’s too late. The least we can do is sacrifice a few conveniences for the sake of our entire planet’s wellbeing. Maybe don’t take that joy ride in your car that goes towards no specific destination, for example. People in poverty don’t have the luxury to contribute to this destruction like people in first world countries do, yet they feel climate change’s effects much more harshly than us, as they are unable to hide in artificial, concrete bubbles of conditioned air. We cannot let our material facade distract us from what’s really happening. We must all do the little, or lot, that we can to contribute to the safety of our mutual home. 


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