I’m sorry; I’m bringing up that stinking Paris agreement AGAIN. I really didn’t mean to nag about this, but the leader of my country’s decision to pull out of it is really irritating me. Nonetheless, I’m an optimist, and so even though this may be a total case of denial and naivetey, I’ve got to at least give SOME hope, and if I can’t convince others I’d at least like to console myself slightly. Because, what if the total lunacy–ok I’ll tone it down, the irrational behaviors–of our president turn out to be what the world needs? What if one person’s stupidity is the rest of the world’s wake up call? Trust me, I’m not happy with what’s going on either. But what if the unbelievable nature of all that’s happened lately turns out to be what calls us all to action? Maybe we were starting to become stagnant and too comfortable, and a fool was what we needed to remind us what we’re supposed to be fighting for. Ya never know what’s in store for our crazy humankind.


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