Well, on graduation day I did more than leave the law-enforced education system, and say goodbye to many dear friends; I also donated a part of me I’ve been forever attached to: my hair. I had wanted to donate it for the longest time, but as it too grew longer I couldn’t bring myself to do it. But this was the time that I’d been waiting for, a moment in which I not only got to do as I had planned but to also make it a sort of symbol if you will–I apologize for my cheesiness in advance—of the new life ahead of me, and the new person I will become. Yep, all my friends find it pretty weird too, but I warned you from the begining that I was far from normal. 

I hope that my hair goes to someone who truly needs it, and that this little symbolic change catalyzes a bigger and greater change in my life. Again, I apologize for the cheesiness. Can’t help it 🙂


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