There once was an island which,

although the sands of time have

washed upon its sandy shores

still remains; a solid entity

in the midst of an ever-changing world.

On that island,

steady, as the wind

and ocean waves

beat down upon its back,

eroding it with every touch,

a man and woman of different lands

experienced a different change

and, into the hands of Love were clutched.

From their love another change arose.

Another change;

as the island stood firmly beneath,

disregarding the flurry of time,

of age.

Rigid it stood,

but could not supress the wail

of the newborn that from their love prevailed.

And so, their lives forever changed

within this world confined

by time and age. And,

as the oceans waves suck

the sand of beaches in their depths,

so did the sands of time

run fast between their fingers.

But beneath their hands

time’s sands accumulated,

creating mountains of loving memory

that will forever remain.

For love can grow stronger with time and,

although the little girl grew with it,

grew with the overwhelming rapidity

that time brings to the most precious of moments,

the mother held her fast,

refusing to let her go,

and their love remained firm as

the island on which their love had grown.


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