Ok, so this is my very first blog, and I’ve started it on an extremely dramatic note, with dazzling prose and deep contemplation. I mean, think about it; I even gave the blog the tagline “A Blog of Grand Adventure and Casual Reflection.” It’s a bit much to say the least, especially when the author of those very words happens to be a very average seventeen year old girl. But that’s the thing, there is a unique quality to every seemingly average individual, and that’s what makes life interesting, isn’t it? Our slight differences are what rub us the wrong way and cause many a conflict, but also what sparks interest and inspiration. For example, I’m a peculiar teen who barely ever uses her phone, instead reading on my free time or climbing trees and such. Your average teenage activities, OBVIOUSLY. But really, as philosophical as I’m going to attempt to be in the future of this blog, there’s one thing to remember; I’m just a crazy girl in a crazy world, trying to make sense of it all in the process. And right now, my last day of high school looming dangerously before me as it comes around in less than twenty four hours, I am trying harder than ever to make some sense out of this madness. I hope you will follow me on this perilous, exciting journey we all know too well: life.


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