I was hurled into high school, a place filled with unfamiliar booty-shorts and stubble, with the worn-out notion that this was the start of my golden years. It didn’t seem like much at first, with the faded red paint on the walls and the unspirited attitudes of my peers….In fact it didn’t seem like much for a long time. Of course, I came to love my evolving groups of friends, and I discovered new things I liked to do, but I have a naturally happy disposition, so this was nothing new. And then there were the unceasing waves of homework that came flooding my way, leading to the inevitable complaining and stressing that high school is equally famous for. Obviously, then, when I got to thinking about these being my supposed golden years while experiencing all this, I could not agree less.

But, as with the majority of things and experiences we accumulate, high school was something I later realized I had taken for granted. As the impending doom of freedom and adulthood hovers ever-nearer, my childhood is flashing before my eyes and I am now coming to realize that these last four years were indeed pretty bright stars in the constellation of my existence. I had achieved greater academic heights than I’d have ever considered before coming here, not to mention the friendships I’ve made. The culmination of little moments I’ve shared with those I’ve come to love have become more precious with time. And ultimately, I came to know myself in the midst of this madness. I feel like this crazy high school experience was the fire that burnt us to ashes, so that we can now all rise as individuals and meet the world with a smile. (I know, it’s a pretty cheesy thing to say, but I have also learned from many an english class that cheesy shouldn’t always make you queasy.)

So we’re finally here, at the denouement of our high school career and also teetering at the precipice of our childhoods, and as the flashbacks of my memories accumulate I realize just how much I’ve experienced and integrated into the person I am. I am so thankful for all the people and experiences that have put me on my life path, and made me into the person I’ve become, and I can now say (although my choosing a major is a whole other story) that I am ready for what the future brings.



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